About Splory

Splory is a platform that aims to help friends, especially young professionals and students to organise and create physical hangouts.

We notice how much time people spend on the social media they love, but the actual benefit they get in return — it is often minimal. Users are not gaining as much as the businesses. Splory aims to change this. We think that social media, being people-centered, should focus on benefiting the users in real life.

Splory tries to achieve the aim of encouraging users to go out more often and mix with friends. We believed that ideas are shared when you meet with people and talk to people. Therefore, we try to build a mobile platform to help friends, especially young professionals and students do manage and facilitate physical hangouts, starting by making the whole invitation experience fun again.

As this is a platform that actually encourage you to go out with your friends and meet different people, we decided that it would be best to have a proper business review and directory system. Therefore, the Explore! feature are made just to give the power to share good businesses back to the users, like you — because each and every voices of yours counts. You can review and interact with businesses through the app, and provide positive feedback. The rating of a business is determined honestly, entirely by users like you. Your courtesy in reviewing will then be rewarded by even more offerings!

You can find information, e.g. the hours or price, about local businesses through our local business directory. In the modern world, information about shops or restaurants you need should be right at your fingertip. Splory is the app for it. Our directory provides local information in Malaysia, for our fellow Malaysians.

Finally, the power of social media comes from the interactions between people. We believe that good stuff should be shared, and that human relationships are valuable. The app allows you to share great offers that you find, and the Jio button encourages you to hang out with your friends!

With these motivations in mind, the Splory team aims to create this transformative app for themselves and the people around. We hope that Splory will enrich your life and never let you miss out any good opportunities to hang out, and meet new people!

Free app coming to the web, iOS, Android.